You have 3 options to travel from Colombia to Panama: by boat, by flight, or overland 

How to reach Puerto Obaldia?:

Bus or Van from Cartagena to Turbo. from the hostel you can take one vans direct to turbo, the cost is 120.000 cop.

Another option is to take one bus to Monteria, and in Monteria take another bus to turn, (you need to sleep one night in turbo) and take one speed boat just in the morning from turbo to sapzurro capurgana, from there you can take the speedboat to san blas islan. We work with the company san blas adventure.

pictures  of Capurgana / Pictures  of Zapzurro

Plus point: 

You avoid rough sea experience..there is no long sea crossing as you have leaving from Cartagena ( 2-3 days sailing until arriving to San Blas) – minimum risk getting seasick!!-  you reach San Blas quiet fast  – you are able to know the area around Colombian / Panamanian boarder – beautiful!!! no security problems at all ! highly recommended by Lonely Planet but still out of the gringo trek –the total cost ? about 100 US less than direct from Cartagena – In our opinion the best choice!

Sailboats are regularly transporting tourists from Cartagena to San Blas – Panamá and back.(have a look on the Map) The more demand that exists the more often they go. The boats leave, as soon as they
have enough passengers, from one of cartagena`s yate club.It takes them about two days to arrive at the San Blas Islands where you spend around 3 days on the boat until you reach the island “Porvenir”, the main island of San Blas, from where you can take a flight to Panama City for arround 39US$, or speedboats for arround 8US$ to “Miramar”,from here for another 5US$ by bus to Panama City. By sailboat, it takes 1 more day to reach Panama / Portobelo ,where you get by bus within 2 hours to Panama City. Boats never go to Colon verry rare that they go up to “Miramar”(mainland).On their way back, the boats take passengers to Cartagena/Colombia

The boats that we recommend are in safe condition, their captains are professional sailers – It is the most beautiful way to travel from Colombia to Panamá or vice versa. The price for a one-way passage is depending the boat between 500 – 550 US$,– per person, including food,drinks & bed.The yachts have a kitchen , where you cook together lunch and dinner, tea & coffee.

when about the boats will be ready to pick up people for their way back to Colombia – The schedule might vary some days, depending on weather conditions, etch

Casa Viena works for travellers!

Our only interest is to inform  about recommendable boats doing this trip, to  find you a beautiful, safe and reliable way to travel between Colombia & Panama –.sailing between panama colombia

With or without us – if you passed through good or bad experience – Please send us a mail to forward your experience to other travelers! sailboats cartagena panama san blas

The most important for us, is our reputation we have between travelers to be a place where you find a correct, reliable and updated information.sailing cartagena panamá colombia.

In case if you find some boat without our help you are welcome to contact us!- we might be able to tell you if it’s a recommendable boat or not -as we receive a lot of feedbacks of travellers

Don’t eaven think, thats a easy way for smuggling drugs – DON’T DO IT! – US or colombian coast guard do search sailing boats. You put in risk yourself & everybody else on the boat . 10-20 years Jail for drug smugglers.


19 de marzo3 spotsMintakaUS 550
12 de abril8 spotsMintakaUS 550
30 de abril8 spotsMintakaUS 550
21 de mayo8 spotsMintakaUS 550
9 de marzo4 spotsMintakaUS 550
27 de marzo6 spotsSanatanaUS 550
30 de marzo7 spotsMintakaUS 550
21 de abril8 spotsMintakaUS 550
11 de mayo8 spotsMintakaUS 550
1 de junio8 spotsMintakaUS 550

Colombian immigration

Most travelers do not need a visa for Colombia. Ask at the Colombian consulate in Panama City. If you have stayed more than 30 days in Panamá you need a permit to leave the country! It takes about two days to get it at the immigration office in Panama City. If you have stayed less than 30 days in Panamá you will get your exit stamp from the immigration officer in Colon, Porvenir or Miramar. The skipper should help you with this, as well as he should help you at the Colombian immigration once you arrive to Cartagena.Very important:once you are in Colombia you have to have an colombian entry stamp in your passport – without that stamp you are ILEGAL in the country – you must get it at the same day when you arrive to Colombia – if the captain of your boat doesn’t help you to get it ( like he should do) – we will show you the office where you can get it. Don’t forget it! otherwise you will have to pay a high fine – to be “allowed” to leave Colombia again