CASA VIENA  is  the first hotel  in colombia founded 1992. This hostel is our dedication, that we saw growing little by little. We love our jobs, being in contact with visitors from all over the world every day. Our deep wish is to do everything possible that they feel at home, providing all information necessary for a great trip and exceptional experiences in and around Cartagena.

Our hostel is a cosy place with 10 rooms. We offer dormitories, single roms, private rooms with or without air condition, with or without private bathroom, adapted to all variety of demands. To our guests we offer safes, a shared generous kitchen, and shared lounge areas to meet up with friends. Inour cafeteria you can surf in the internet (WIFI) and enjoy delicious tropical juices while chatting with home. Casa  Viena offers laundry service as well. To sum it up, we are to your service with everything you need to feel like home.

Don’t worry, Colombia is not this dangerous country like some people say, people that mostly don’t even know it personally. Colombia of course has its own minor and major problems like other countries in Latin America, but these problems normally won’t affect you as a “backpacker”. One of the advantages to traveling Colombia is that Colombians are some of the friendliest people in South America. Still there aren’t many tourists coming to this country, so that rarity makes for romantic travel. Places aren’t swamped with typical tourist shops you’ll find elsewhere.
Like in most other countries, as well here in Colombia, you have to follow some rules, like not to go out with all your valuables, not to change money on the street, as there are crafty “Quick-Change Artist” about. Most incidents of people got involved you could have been avoided. How? Just don’t “give papaya”, which means, that you should not do anything that lets other people take advantage of you. But this rule isn’t unique to Colombia of course! In following common sense rules: taking precautions by learning where and where not to go, what and what not to do, you will not have more problems than in other countries.

Colombia is great! Come and enjoy it!